How to print labels on macOS?

This tutorial shows you how to print labels sheet(s) on macOS from Google Docs. It's supposed that you've already created your labels using our add-on called Labelmaker. There's a similar guide for Windows if needed.

Here is a summary of this step-by-step guide:

  1. Open labels
  2. Click File > Print
  3. Print window
  4. Review settings
  5. Printing

1. Open labels

From Google Drive, open your Google Docs containing the labels.

Document in Google Docs with labels

2. Click on File > Print

In Google Docs, click on File > Print to start printing your labels. There's also a printer icon that acts as a shortcut.

Screenshot of Google Docs to print the document

The print window opens. Now click on "More settings" to make sure print settings are correct.

Screenshot of printing labels in Google Chrome

To make sure your labels will be aligned when printed, double-check these settings:

  • Paper size: it should corresponds to the template size. All "Avery US Letter" templates use the "Letter" paper size. "Avery A4" templates use "A4". If you are not sure of the format, ask in the forum.
  • Margins: it should be on none.
  • Scale: it should be on default.
Print settings to print labels in Google Docs

5. Printing...

The printer is now hard at work! If ever something went wrong, feel free to create a post in the forum.

Screenshot of Labelmaker close and print labels in Google Docs
Install Labelmaker

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