About Labelmaker

Labelmaker lets you create and print labels with Google easily. Labelmaker works within Google Docs and Google Sheets and offers thousands of templates.

Create and Print labels with Google

Why use Labelmaker?

With Labelmaker, you can make your own labels at home. Labelmaker lets you create professional labels as well as labels for special occasions.

Our story

Before Labelmaker, there used to be a free label merge add-on called Avery Label merge. However, this add-on was discontinued from the Google Workspace Marketplace. A great number of Google Suite users, including us, missed the opportunity to print labels using Google Docs or Google Sheets. That's why we decided to fix this situation.

We are team of independent developers based in Paris, France. In the past, we have built several of the most popular Google add-ons. Developing apps that make everyone's work a little less boring is how we make a living. It's our daily source of delight.

Why Labelmaker is not free?

Labelmaker has grown to millions of users over the years. It's amazing to know that Labelmaker is used by millions of people each day, and we hope it will make your life easier too.

We want your customer experience to remain the best possible while continue to improve Labelmaker by adding new features and labels. That's why we've introduced paid plans to support the development of the add-on. Labelmaker has several plans for all kinds of budget, that you can cancel anytime.

With Labelmaker, you get access to the best tool to mail merge labels with Google as well as a supportive community to help you create your perfect labels.

Thank you for using Labelmaker!