How to print labels for a mailing list in Google Sheets?

This tutorial shows you how to create and print labels for a mailing list in Google Sheets, using Labelmaker. While our Google Sheets add-on provides powerful formatting features (bold, italic, alignments and more), if you are looking for more options, have a look at our guide on printing and formatting labels in Google docs. There are also many others guides and tutorials here depending on your use case.

Here is a summary of this tutorial:

  1. Prepare your sheet
  2. Open Labelmaker
  3. Select a template
  4. Design labels
  5. Create labels in a new document
  6. Open document
  7. Print labels

1. Prepare your sheet

Open your spreadsheet containing the mailing list data you want to use. If you don't have one yet, create a new spreadsheet and add data in it. The first row shall contain the headers (e.g. address, city, zipcode, state).

Screenshot of a mailing list in Google Sheets

2. Open Labelmaker

In Google Sheets, click on the "Extensions" menu (previously named "Add-ons"), then select "Create & Print Labels". If you don't have the add-on yet, make sure to install it first. After the installation, reload your spreadsheet by closing it and reopening it.

Addon menu to open Labelmaker in Google Sheets

3. Select a template

Within Labelmaker sidebar, click on "Select a template", then look at the available templates in the list. Over 5000+ labels are available as of writing, within multiple categories including "Avery US Letter", "Avery A4", "Avery Zweckform", "", "" and "Herma".

Screenshot of Labelmaker templates selection in Google Sheets

4. Design labels

In the content field, add merge fields using double-arrows. For example add the address with <<address>> and the city with <<city>>. Once done apply some formatting such as bold, italic or aligned in the middle.

Screenshot of Labelmaker labels design in Google Sheets

5. Create labels

Click on "Create labels" to create all your labels in a new document. Each row in your spreadsheet is converted to a new label with the appropriate merge fields. This let you create a mailing list with hundreds of contacts in a few seconds.

Screenshot of Labelmaker labels creation in Google Sheets

6. Open document

Open the newly created document and make sure the mailing list is correct. If you need to make some adjustement, go back to the spreadsheet and make your changes in Labelmaker. Again, click on "Create labels" when you are ready and a new document will be created.

New mailing list document in Google Docs

Now that your mailing list look well, in Google Docs, click on "File" > "Print". In the print dialog, make sure to set the margin to none and the scale to 100%. Depending on the format of the labels product, you might need to adapt the size of the page. For example, Avery US Letter 5160 requires the size to be "Letter".

Print labels for a mailing list in Google Docs


The printer is now hard at work!

Printing labels

Need help printing your labels? đź‘‹

In case your labels are not lining up or not printing properly, read our guide on How to Fix Misaligned Labels Templates?

Still having troubles? Ask for help on our Google Forum. Make sure to share a screenshot of the issue you’re having with your labels and include useful information such as the label template you are using.


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